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Cubic CServices

Recruitment services

Recruitment services At Cubic C, our strength lies in our ability to understand your urgency, assess your needs, and meet your requirements. We efficiently and effectively recruit personnel across the full spectrum of employment options. We combine our recruitment knowledge, search skills, proven headhunting & selection methodologies with knowledge & experience of your industry to [...]

Interim Management

Interim management Interim management can help you plug a recruitment gap, undertake specific project management, cover long or fixed-term absence, or help you through a process of change management. Cubic C provides qualified managers for your organization's interim needs. Our interim managers bring ability, experience and a fresh perspective to your organization. Our focus is [...]

ICT Consulting

ICT Consulting Cubic C has developed a strong understanding of many of the today's challenges in the fast moving ICT sector. Our experience and involvement in ICT projects as well as our genuine knowledge in designing customized ICT courses making us qualified to provide all of the services related with Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Mainframe-, [...]

HR Strategy Consulting

HR Strategy Consulting Cubic C has more than ten years experience making us qualified to provide all of the service and support you need to improve your competitiveness. We spend time to understand our customer's requirements, direction, priorities, opportunities, peculiarities, and constraints. We can do a complete organizational analysis and evaluate the need for change [...]

Company training

Company Training In today's highly competitive and fast moving business environment, companies are continually looking for innovative ideas that give them the competitive advantage. We can provide solutions tailored to your wants, needs and expectations. Maintaining and developing the skills levels of staff and the management team can be achieved through several (in-house) training programs. [...]

Career development

Career development Cubic C coaching and career development services can help you develop your talent. Today's fast-paced market dynamics requires individuals to adapt and grow more than ever before. We recognize this and offer coaching and development solutions to help you to: Better navigate your career direction, goals and objectives More quickly complete projects and [...]