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Company Training

In today’s highly competitive and fast moving business environment, companies are continually looking for innovative ideas that give them the competitive advantage. We can provide solutions tailored to your wants, needs and expectations. Maintaining and developing the skills levels of staff and the management team can be achieved through several (in-house) training programs. Training can be provided on a one-off, or on an ongoing basis, depending upon your business needs. Do not worry if you only need to train one person, we will find others to join them on the course.

Cubic C’s primary objective is to empower our clients with the ability to perform their organization successfully, and so to reduce their cost of operation and boost their bottom line. We look upon ourselves as members of their team, and pride ourselves only on their success.

Based on your objectives, our experts will develop courses for you, so that your staff can easily apply new competences in their own working environment. We focus on developing training programs that make a difference to your organization from day one.

Our programs can be:

  • Standard – course from our standard directory. Content and format will be based on the course directory program with few adaptations
  • Tailored – course programs, where we adapt course length, content and emphasis to suit your particular requirements
  • Bespoke – course programs, where our experts work with you to assess your competence needs and aims. Your program may include a mix of study blocks and learning methods such as case studies, executing specific (sub) projects, online training

We can help in different ways. Because of our broad range of experts we can deliver training that’s exactly right for you.

Getting started

Before we suggest a possible course building solution we will spend time understanding your circumstances. We will discuss the various learning options, so you can be sure you will receive the right program for you.

Support behind the scenes

Throughout the duration of the training program, you will have a single point of contact that will be fully up-to-speed with the status of the program.

From the time you book the program, a Course Coordinator will be on-hand to manage logistics and all the associated administration, ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish. This allows the trainer to focus on what’s most important: delivering the training itself.

A shared experience

Learning together has the advantage of giving a group of students a shared experience. We create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages students to practice what they’ve learnt. This way they get more out of the training, and can easily apply their new competences back at work.

Continuous learning programs

If you’re interested in developing a program of continuous competence improvement for your staff, talk to us about our support programs.

Process for organizing a trailored or bespoke course program

Customer intake

Based on your training needs and circumstances, our Training Experts will develop a Tailored – or Bespoke course for you.

Trainer selection

The appropriate Trainer for your course program is determined. The information from your intake is processed in order to discuss a draft version of the program.

Proposal of your course program

Within a short period of time you will receive the proposal. In this proposal the goal of the course program is summarized. The program and price are also given. We are always happy to further discuss the proposal and if you agree to it you can send a signed copy to Cubic C. The organization of the training starts from that point on.

Logistics and registration

At this stage of the process the proposal is signed. The next step is to set a date in accordance with the students. Our Course Coordinator has a list of the students and makes sure that timely agreements are met.

Training and examination

The Trainer is in control of the process during the training. He or she is flexible and able to adapt to the needs of the group without losing the aim of the training.

At the end of the course the students will always be examined in order to determine whether they’ve met the end terms of the course. The successful students will get their certificate from our Course Coordinator.

After care services

The last stage of the process is to share and integrate student’s obtained competence in your organization to get maximum return on your investment (ROI) Our consultant can support you in this process with various appropriate models and tools.