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Interim Management

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Interim management

Interim management can help you plug a recruitment gap, undertake specific project management, cover long or fixed-term absence, or help you through a process of change management.

Cubic C provides qualified managers for your organization’s interim needs. Our interim managers bring ability, experience and a fresh perspective to your organization.

Our focus is to create change and enhance business performance without increasing operational risk. This requires an effective management solution utilizing our project methods to work in partnership with our clients and interim managers.

Our bespoke approach

By discussing the deliverables, the parameters and success factors of the assignment that a client brief can be generated.

By ensuring that the message is delivered by the same professional whom has been with you from commencement, research takes place to find the truest Interim Managers available to reflect your needs.
Our assignment lengths on average take no more than ten working days, from conception to delivery. Read more
It is important hiring the right interim manager, so it must be first time right, every time.

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Client Brief

Your position / person specification for the interim management assignment should identify your needs and describe the parameters and success factors related to the interim management task. We recommend that you decide upon the caliber of person, the qualities and skills you are seeking and the style and personality expected of the interim management specialist.

It is important that the interim management candidates that we put forward are briefed on specific and defining aspects of your corporate culture, organization, and objectives. We can handle this briefing on your behalf, as part of our candidate identification, selection and short-listing process.

Interim Management Candidate Selection

We will select and interview all interim management candidates who match your assignment brief. We will then reference them by their skills and experience, within the fields specified. Our selection process ensures that you are provided with the closest possible candidate match necessary to meet your specification. Interim management candidates will be fully briefed on your requirements beforehand.

Typically, we will present resumes for up to three suitable interim management professionals within 5 working days of your enquiry. We will give you an objective assessment as to why we believe that each candidate is suitable for the assignment. The availability, fees and terms of business applicable to the interim management personnel proposed will be specified at this stage.

Interim Management Assignment

On commencement of the interim management assignment, we recommend that you brief the selected candidate on the key tasks and the scope of the work to be carried out. Throughout the interim management assignment we will keep a watching brief and maintain periodic contact with you and the interim manager, to ensure that the assignment proceeds smoothly.

Interim Management Fees

Our interim management personnel are experienced and capable professionals, contracted to deliver your assignment, to meet your terms of reference. All costs such as pension, holidays, sickness, relocation, recruitment costs, redundancy etc. are already taken into account in an all-inclusive day rate, charged for days worked.

The interim management day rate charged will depend on the experience and skills of the interim manager, the complexity of the assignment and the responsibilities of the interim manager.

Our administration charges are included in the day rate charged, although if you wish to contract directly with the interim manager, we can arrange to invoice you separately for our fee element.

Interim Management Contracts

Cubic C operates a standard simplified set of terms and conditions for the implementation of interim management contracts. In the event that you wish to take the manager on to your permanent staff payroll, we will charge a transfer fee, which will be discounted to allow for the time worked on the interim contract, up to the point of transfer. We can offer special interim management terms to suit your budget, on request. For instance, where required, we are prepared to contract on a fixed price, for pre-defined terms, scope and duration of assignment.