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Recruitment services

Cubic CServicesRecruitment services

Recruitment services

At Cubic C, our strength lies in our ability to understand your urgency, assess your needs, and meet your requirements. We efficiently and effectively recruit personnel across the full spectrum of employment options. We combine our recruitment knowledge, search skills, proven headhunting & selection methodologies with knowledge & experience of your industry to deliver a truly value added service. You deal with specialists who know the talent market, the top performers in it and importantly, understand your business.


Job analysis

Our in-depth Job analysis process is used to define all necessary candidate qualifications, discuss specific position requirements, develop and review the job description, consult on compensation and interview process, and to thoroughly understand your organization and its culture.

Search& identify

After we complete our needs analysis, we get into our network and industry resources such as professional organizations, community networks, web-based searches, classified advertisements and job board web postings (if necessary) to identify the most qualified prospective candidates. It is at this step in the process that we will describe the opportunity and assess the candidate’s qualifications – and determine their level of interest.


We interview each candidate to make sure they have the necessary skills, abilities, and knowledge for the position. We also make sure the position is well suited for that particular candidate’s talents and interests.


Only after extensively interviewing the candidate for the position will we present the candidate, a resume, and our interview notes to you. We will coordinate setting the interview between the client and the candidate.

Reference check

We secure references and at the request of our client, undertake thorough reference checking before an offer is made. In all phases of the search process we exercise utmost care in regard to confidentiality.

Offer & acceptance

We assist the hiring company (if necessary) and the candidate to negotiate an acceptable, competitive compensation agreement. After the face-to-face interview process the client will choose a candidate. At this time a verbal offer, followed by an offer in writing is presented to the candidate.

The candidate has a short time frame to accept or reject the offer. Upon acceptance, the candidate communicates his/her decision to Cubic C. We in turn communicate the decision to the client. After the placement, we maintain our contact with our client and we stay in regular contact with the placed employee. This helps to serve our objective of creating a long-term, win-win situation for all parties involved.

Fees & guarantee

Under our direct placement arrangement, we earn our fee only if we deliver candidates who get hired by our clients. The fee is typically an amount equal to a percentage of the candidate’s base salary. We are paid directly by the hiring company. There is absolutely no cost to the candidates who we represent.

Fees apply to each referred candidate hired by the employer for a specific position or an alternate position within one year from the date of our referral. Interviewing our referred candidates constitutes agreement with these terms.

If employment is terminated within 90 days of starting, for any reason other than elimination of position, two options are available.

  • Replacement – we will provide a replacement at the same compensation level or lower for no additional charge.
  • Refund – Fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. The refund amount is calculated as 1/90th of the fee multiplied by the number of days remaining in the guarantee period.


All placement fees are billed upon acceptance and due within 10 calendar days of the candidate start date. Payment within 30 days of the candidate’s start date is necessary to receive our guarantee.